Increasing the proficiency in analysis and detection the contamination of Mycotoxin in many varieties of commodities, such as corn, soybean meal, wheat flour, barley, etc. in animal feed manufacturer in Thailand.
We supply the Mycotoxin test kit and other products related to this field, Mycotoxin standard, apparatus in detection.
Services in cooperating between the customers and supplier in analysis for reliable results and confirmation, and also setting the standard of procedure by providing the documents and QC samples for internal audit.

Business Field

Romer Labs Inc. --  Worldwide expertise in Mycotoxins solution
Romer mill, Clean-up Columns, Rapid Test Kits, Reference Standards  

BioX -- Bio-X Diagnostics Innovation for veterinary diagnostics

Gorozen -- Personal Microcentrifuge Benchtop Centrifuge,
High Speed Microcentrifuge Multi-purpose Centrifuge

Hayashi pure chemical Ind.,Ltd. -- Pesticide Standard


CPAK INTER Co., Ltd. were established on May 2003.
Dr. Charoen Parchariyanon DVM, MBA is a Manging Director.

Also we have other company in FeedFOCUS group as following;
Victory Feed Technology Co., Ltd
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